Our mission is to place everything in our power to find the ideal purchaser or tenant for your property

In order to make this happen, here are some different points that we will guarantee to respect:

Respect rigourously the deontology’s rules of the real estate profession. Those are available for   consultation on the website of I.P.I, Professional Institute of real estate, www.ipi.be ;

⌂ Punctuality and availability 7 days/7.

⌂ Proposed service/advice in order to improve and develop your property ;

Evaluate objectives compared to market propositions in order to finalize the operation quickly and in a secure manner.

⌂ Gather a complete description of your property. This includes taking measurement, HD picture  footages and aerial views,plans blueprint,… (*) ;

⌂ Obtain the maximum information on your property , and essential elements in order to elude any errors or misunderstandings, but also complete our duty which is to inform our client with accurate information.

⌂ Expose your property to our potential buyers or tenants ;

⌂ Introduce your property to different ways of publicity such as internet, panels exposed,flyers, etc… ;

⌂ Visit your property with potential buyers/tenants with professionnal and experienced real estate agents;

⌂ Establish a monthly periodic report of our mission;

⌂ Submit any promises of purchase/rental;

⌂ Assist the buyer on his financial approach;

 Write a compromise with the collaboration of an assigned notary, in respect with the current  legislation with clarity and ensurred following until the finalisation ;

⌂ Follow you until the signature of the authentic act/inventory of fixtures ;

 Assure that the professional working for Go Immobilier will scrupulously respect those rules

(*) under certain conditions